Shaping the low carbon economy In the United States and around the world, Climate Advisers creates and implements large-scale, cost-effective strategies to strengthen climate action and improve lives.
  • Energy

    We promote clean energy policy
    to deliver the low carbon economy.

  • Forests + Lands

    We work to reduce emissions from deforestation
    and strengthen the role of natural climate solutions.

  • Financial Markets

    We perform sustainability risk analysis
    to identify climate and sustainability risks.


Climate Advisers brings together globally recognized thought leaders on energy, financial markets, diplomacy, US politics, strategic communications, and forests, lands and oceans. We specialize in breakthrough ideas informed by a deep understanding of complex policy and political challenges.

Forests + Lands.

We work to reduce emissions from deforestation and strengthen the role of natural climate solutions.


We create and implement strategies to strengthen international climate cooperation.

Financial Markets.

We perform sustainability risk analysis to identify climate and sustainability risks.


We create and implement strategies to strengthen international climate cooperation.

US Policy & Politics.

We develop sound policy solutions in Washington, DC and around the country.

Strategic Communications.

We design communications strategies that shape opinion, drive action and mobilize support

Featured Projects

Explore the links below to learn more about some of things we're working on currently.


Chain Reaction Research conducts sustainability risk analysis for financial analysts and investors, focusing on environmentally intensive commodities.


Orbitas is a center of excellence that examines climate transition risks for capital providers financing tropical commodities.


Lucida is a new transparency initiative powered by an innovative web-based network tool that reveals how companies and financiers are linked to unsustainable land use and illegal forest activity.


Our team has decades of experience with backgrounds global climate negotiations, climate policy, energy, politics, ESG, finance, land management, journalism and communications. We draw this diverse range of experience together under a single roof to develop innovative solutions for a net-zero future.

  • Nigel Purvis

    Nigel Purvis is an American diplomat, business and non-profit executive, think tank scholar and international lawyer. Over three decades, Nigel has shaped U.S. and global policy while serving in decision-making roles at a wide variety of globally influential organizations in Washington, DC.

    more >

  • Kyra Althaus

    Kyra Althaus is a Communications Associate at Climate Advisers where she focuses on enhancing the group’s strategic communications projects.

    more >

  • Peter Graham

    Peter Graham is Managing Director of Policy and Research at Climate Advisers, where he specializes in forests and land issues.  more >

  • Andrew Jens

    Andrew Jens is the Chief Financial & Administrative Officer responsible for the finance and administrative functions of Climate Adviser group. more >

  • Mark Kenber

    Mark Kenber is the CEO of Climate Advisers UK and the Managing Director of Orbitas. Mark has worked on environment, climate and energy issues for over two decades, in government, NGOs and the private sector.

    more >

  • Claire Langley

    Claire Langley is Vice President of Programs at Climate Advisers. Claire’s expertise includes international climate & energy policy and diplomacy and international political climate change strategy.
    more >

  • Veronica Matthews

    Veronica L. Matthews is the Human Resources Manager at Climate Advisers, where she oversees all aspects of the group’s most valuable assets, the people. more >

  • Joshua McBee

    Josh McBee is a Senior Associate of Policy and Research at Climate Advisers, where he assists the Policy and Research team on international climate policy, diplomacy projects, domestic U.S. energy/environmental policy, and financial flows of deforestation.

    more >

  • Niamh McCarthy

    Niamh McCarthy is a Senior Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Analyst at Climate Advisers, where she specializes in financial transparency, data analytics, and sustainability. more >

  • Diana Movius

    Diana Movius is the Senior Director of Global Forest Policy, where she specializes in addressing deforestation through international climate policy, climate finance, and supply chains

    more >

  • Matt Piotrowski

    Matt Piotrowski is the Senior Director of Policy and Research at Climate Advisers, focusing on communication outreach with the financial sector, managing the Chain Reaction Research initiative, and providing analysis for investors to mitigate climate risks. more >

  • Alexandra Saueressig

    Alexandra Saueressig is an Associate at Climate Advisers, where she supports the executive team and the group’s operations.

    more >

  • Kyle Saukas

    Kyle Saukas is a Communications Manager at Climate Advisers, where he focuses on executing strategic communications projects and strengthening the Climate Advisers brand.

    more >

  • Bruce Searby

    Bruce Searby serves as Special Counsel to Climate Advisers.  In that role, he serves as Climate Advisers’ thought leader and expert on how to use U.S. and international laws to advance climate action.

    more >

  • Ben Simonds

    Ben Simonds is a Managing Director at Climate Advisers and serves as the group’s the Director of Communications, where he designs and executes CA’s communications strategies and is working to grow its communications consulting practice.

    more >

About Us

Climate Advisers works to strengthen climate action in the United States and around the world through research, analysis, public policy advocacy and communications strategies. We partner with governments, non-profits, philanthropies, international organizations, financial institutions and companies to help deliver the clean economy. We develop and promote sensible, high-impact initiatives that improve lives, enhance international security and strengthen communities. Climate Advisers currently consists of several independent organizations collaborating to advance the same mission, including: Climate Advisers Trust, a U.S. non-profit, Climate Advisers United Kingdom, a U.K. non-profit, and Climate Advisers Incorporated, a global consultancy.

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