Communicating Climate and Nature in 2023

Co-authored article by Jen Stebbing and Ben Simonds 2022 was a big year for nature. Natural climate solutions (NCS) continued to gain prominence within the broader climate narrative, and the deal struck at COP15 for a new global biodiversity framework, while not perfect, exceeded most peoples’ expectations. 2022 was also a big year for carbon […]

What are Natural Climate Solutions?

Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) versus Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) “Natural climate solutions” are actions to protect, sustainably manage and restore natural and modified ecosystems in ways that mitigate climate change, while also addressing other societal challenges. The term is more or less interchangeable with “nature-based solutions.” The difference between the two terms is often one of emphasis. […]

Tree Planting — A User’s Guide for Comparing Tree for Tree

As originally published on the Nature4Climate Newsroom webpage. Why not all schemes proposing natural climate solutions should be seen as equal. The momentum for natural climate solutions has reached the highest circles of politics. In the United Kingdom, all major political parties included significant tree planting efforts as part of their campaign pledges in the […]

Momentum for nature-based solutions continues to grow despite disappointing UN climate talks

As originally published on the Nature4Climate Newsroom webpage. Momentum for nature-based solutions continues to grow. The United Nations climate negotiations, COP25, came to a close last week having failed to deliver meaningful progress, or reassure the world that the political will exists to tackle the climate emergency. This leaves much work to be done in […]

Natural Climate Solutions and Article 6 – What’s in it for nature?

What is Article 6 and why is it important in allowing countries to collaborate on tackling climate change with nature-based solutions? The UN climate COP25 in Madrid in December could give nature a major boost, particularly if countries reach agreement on the one element of the so-called Paris Rulebook left unresolved in Katowice – Article […]

12 Companies Working on Carbon Removal and Carbon Capture in North America

Matt Piotrowski and Ben Simonds present list of 12 companies that are leading the charge to develop Direct Air Capture and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage in North America. Wondering who is working on carbon removal (often referred to as “Direct Air Capture”, or DAC) and carbon capture (“Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage”, or CCUS) technologies in North […]