International Climate Diplomacy Update

U.S. Climate Expectations for G7 At COP26 last year, the United States re-established a leadership position on climate change by working with other countries to strengthen 2030 emissions targets so that they align more closely than before with the goal of keeping warming at or below 1.5 degrees. The Biden administration is looking to use the […]

Shifting Grey to Green: Climate Advisers Deforestation Risk Rankings

An Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ranking with a deforestation lens Key takeaways from Climate Advisers Deforestation Risk Rankings: Companies with high rankings have policies in place to mitigate material risks of being linked to ESG issues, and specifically, deforestation. Meanwhile, companies with low rankings should consider conducting an ESG risk assessment and strengthening policies […]

Technological Carbon Removal: Recent Political and Economic Trends in the U.S.

In this report, we assess the current state of affairs surrounding technological carbon dioxide removal (CDR)—sometimes referred to as “engineered” CDR or negative emissions technologies (NETs)—in the United States. Interest in technological approaches to CDR among people concerned about climate change and those who want to make money from climate solutions is skyrocketing.  A number […]