Five Possible Scenarios for Congress’ Infrastructure and Climate Legislation

As July comes to a close, infrastructure talks on Capitol Hill continue to see disagreements over specific details to be included in legislation and how to pay for the more than $4 trillion of new spending. Even though Democrats are pushing hard for infrastructure bills to pass Congress in the coming weeks, the debate over […]

Pathways for Reaching the New U.S. NDC

Though there are a variety of potential pathways to achieving the United States’ emissions reduction target, doing so will likely require a combination of executive action, efforts by states and cities, and new federal legislation. Models agree that achieving the U.S. NDC is feasible or nearly so and that, in the next decade, the greatest […]

Increasing Climate Diplomacy with China

While the Biden administration was pleased that a number of important announcements were made at the Leaders’ Climate Summit in April, the fact that China did not make any new major commitments was a disappointment to the President and his closest advisers, who felt they had made significant progress separating climate from other contentious issues […]