Climate Leadership in Uncertain Times

By Nigel Purvis

REPORT: Joshua Busby and Nigel Purvis propose in “Climate Leadership in Uncertain Times” that international climate cooperation continues to have potential, despite the current political climate. The authors establish a brief history of climate leadership, as well as examining the potential for climate leadership around the world, best practices for pursuing change, climate policy in the United States under President Trump, and areas to target for effective cooperation and maximum impact.

“It is easy to become cynical and depressed when thinking about humanity’s response to the real and growing risk of catastrophic climate change. The science keeps getting clearer. Adverse real-world impacts keep mounting, and political discourse in this area—at least in the United States—remains completely dysfunctional and tribal.”

Despite questions of international commitment, many countries reaffirmed support for the Paris Agreement providing a basis of global support for clean energy. This report is meant to provoke a deeper discussion of high-impact issues, suggesting areas for potential progress. Though many efforts to address climate change face strong opposition, the authors hope that creative and interdisciplinary thinking will result in positive climate solutions.

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On December 19, 2018

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