The State of Palm Oil Zero-Deforestation Commitments: Refiners & Crushers

Palm oil crushers and refiners sit within a bottleneck of the palm oil industry. Because of this, they serve as key actors in establishing and enforcing sustainability commitments.

Joined by ZSL’s (Zoological Society of London) SPOTT initiative and BMO Global Asset Management, Chain Reaction Research discusses new insights on this sector’s sustainability commitments and connection to leakage markets.

Webinar Recording

Some key topics discussed:

  • What are crushers and refiners and why are they important in palm oil supply chains?
  • Do these companies have sufficient deforestation and traceability commitments?
  • To what extent are companies reporting implementation of these commitments?
  • How do these companies contribute to leakage markets?
  • What role does the financial sector play in achieving zero-deforestation palm oil supply chains?

To read the reports discussed on this webinar visit the pages below:

Chain Reaction Research: NDPE Policies Cover 83% of Palm Oil Refineries; Implementation at 78%

Zoological Society of London SPOTT: Palm oil crushers and refiners: Managing deforestation risk through a supply chain bottleneck