Enhancing Climate Ambition with Contingent International Contributions

For anyone looking to learn more about innovative ways to encourage greater ambition for climate change action in Nationally Determined Contributions, this webinar is for you.

Climate Advisers introduces the concept of Contingent International Contributions (CIC), explains the benefits, and shows how countries could make use of CICs to enhance their emissions reduction targets to meet Paris Agreement goals.


  • A commitment to achieving a defined quantity of emission reductions from international sources, contingent on the availability of international emissions reductions.
  • Clearly states the quantity of emissions reductions that the country intends to achieve through supporting climate change mitigation efforts in other countries.
  • Countries can achieve their CIC by whatever means they choose, including through the Paris Agreement tools of cooperative approaches under Article 6 and international climate finance.
  • Countries with CICs would follow all associated rules and guidelines (including avoidance of double-counting).
  • CICs are intended to be supplemental to ambitious domestic climate action by developed countries and should not compromise a high level of ambition for unconditional climate action by developing countries.

Download our full report on CICs here