Chain Reaction Research


When companies involved in environmentally intensive commodities like palm oil enter and retain a position on the stock market, they provide information about their holdings, governance and – at least ostensibly – their risks. But, too often, the financial analysts and potential investors looking at these companies are not seeing the whole story. As a result, companies may have far more risk in their sourcing or  supply chains than is reported in publicly available materials. 


Chain Reaction Research was created by Climate Advisers together with our partners AidEnvironment and Profundo to provide dispassionate, credible analysis supported by thorough technical and fundamental analysis of commodity supply chains — to demonstrate that deforestation is material financial risk. We focus on tropical deforestation-related commodities including palm oil, soy, cattle, coffee, cacao, timber pulp and paper, and other products.


Chain Reaction Research conducts free sustainability risk analysis for financial analysts, credit analysts, commercial bankers, institutional investors, corporations, and other stakeholders. CRR directly reaches thousands of financiers and investment stakeholders every week, and tens of thousands more through syndication among financial media. We also do more extensive reports, looking deeply into individual companies and broadly at major sectoral trends.

“Our goal with Chain Reaction Research is to shape a growing global understanding that sustainability risks drive financial risks for soft commodities.”

Matt Piotrowski, Climate Advisers

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