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We promote innovative policies to speed up the clean energy transition and decarbonize the industrial sector.

Climate Advisers conducts cutting edge research and forward looking analysis around the trends, policies, and private sector action accelerating the clean energy transition. Our team’s extensive background allows Climate Advisers to identify and advocate for innovative policy solutions that accelerate clean energy uptake and incentivize decarbonization in hard to abate sectors. We combine our expertise in clean energy technologies with our industry knowledge and deep understanding of climate policy to take a solutions-oriented approach to decarbonization. At Climate Advisers, we understand that decarbonization solutions can vary by region, sector, and process, which is why we provide clients with customized research products tailored to specific needs. Our goal at Climate Advisers is to maximize decarbonization through access to information, innovative insights, and policy solutions.

Climate Advisers conducts cutting edge research and forward looking analysis around the trends, policies, and private sector action accelerating the clean energy transition.

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Climate Advisers serves as the secretariat of the Consortium for Climate Aligned Trade (CCAT), an informal coalition of researchers and think tanks in the G7 community. These researchers bring extensive expertise in climate and trade policies. CCAT members understand  meeting global climate goals will depend in significant part on whether trade policy helps rapidly decarbonize energy intensive industrial sectors. Climate-aligned trade rules are needed to accelerate climate solutions in these sectors by promoting innovation, reducing costs, and stimulating demand for clean goods. Smart climate and trade policies are also needed to accelerate markets for green goods, minimize carbon leakage, and increase climate ambition. CCAT has recently published recommendations for G7 action to establish climate-aligned trade and is actively engaging governments worldwide to encourage aligning trade policies to achieve climate and economic goals simultaneously. 

Climate Advisers’ US Green Economy Report Series provides a comprehensive overview of the current status and future outlook for the green economy across 25 US states. The report series, which was done in collaboration with the UK Government and University of Maryland’s Center for Global Sustainability, includes comparative analysis of current and future climate, green economy and clean energy politics/policy in the selected states; quantitative and qualitative projections on the future size and shape of the green economy in each state (including green jobs numbers by sector); and actionable recommendations to bolster the US green economy. The series shows how subnational actors have been and will remain at the forefront of necessary investments in key sectors tied to the green economy. 

Climate Advisers provides in-depth research and analysis on industrial decarbonization, with a focus on green steel. Insights provided by Climate Advisers examine the pathways to scale up production of green steel and create a global green steel market and identify opportunities for transatlantic collaboration supporting such policies. Through its green steel initiatives, Climate Advisers worked with governments, think tanks, and industry to increase ambition and develop practical solutions to reducing emissions in a sector that is difficult to decarbonize. Climate Advisers’ recent paper on green steel was launched at a public event that featured an expert panel of government and industry leaders from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss key findings.