Food & Agriculture

Climate Advisers works to align the global food and agriculture sectors with science-based climate goals.

The global food system accounts for around a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Climate Advisers assists its clients to transform the food and agricultural sectors by advancing agricultural research and innovation, better public policies, and more effective forms of climate and food diplomacy. We work to ensure climate solutions relating to food and agriculture also advance other important goals, including food security, public health, job creation and sustainable development. While we specialize in securing stronger U.S. leadership in these areas, we also work globally with food insecure nations (in the Middle-East, Africa and Asia) and climate champions in Europe and elsewhere. We partner with innovative food companies that are seeking to give consumers healthy, green choices.

The global food system accounts for around a third of global greenhouse gas emissions.

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Case studies

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Climate Advisers assists one of the world’s leading climate philanthropies in the development and execution of their grantmaking strategies to align the global food system with ambitious globally agreed climate goals. More specifically, Climate Advisers has helped this charitable foundation design and implement an advocacy strategy for securing stronger US leadership on international food and agriculture climate solutions.

Climate Advisers partners with the Good Food Institute (GFI) to build US and global support for sustainable proteins. Protein production is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Alternative proteins – cultivated and plant-based meats – have the potential to help meet rising global demand for protein while using just a fraction of the land, energy and water needed for traditional meat. Sustainable proteins can also reduce health risks from the overuse of antibiotics and prevent a new global pandemic as most novel diseases emerge in areas where forests are cleared to create farmland for protein production. Climate Advisers and GFI work together to promote public policies to accelerate technological innovation and commercial development of alternative proteins.