Unsustainable businesses benefit from a lack of transparency in the forest and land sectors, and this lack of transparency makes it difficult for advocates to hold these companies – and their financiers – accountable. It hinders journalists from telling powerful stories from the frontlines of deforestation. It obstructs law enforcement from prosecuting illegal activity. It prevents investors from fully understanding the impacts of their investments. And it allows for unsustainable business as usual. It obstructs better investments for capital providers.


What if we could develop an innovative web-based network tool that reveals how companies and financiers are linked to unsustainable land use and illegal forest activity? One that would offer unprecedented access to data, utilize intuitive and stunning visualizations and provide incisive analysis. Such a tool could answer the question of ‘who’ is behind deforestation.


Lucida utilizes innovative processing systems to integrate data on corporate financing and structures with on-the-ground impacts, and surfaces that data through stunning visualizations and incisive analysis. Lucida provides access to previously hard-to-obtain or expensive-to-access data and focuses on ensuring the tool and insights are accessible and comprehensible.

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Louise Brandeis

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