Climate change and the transitions to mitigate it represent some of the potentially largest systemic changes our economies have ever seen. Yet climate transition risks are currently not factored into the financing of companies within the tropical commodities sector. This leads to suboptimal outcomes for capital providers themselves, the companies and sectors they finance, and for the planet.


How governments, consumers and businesses respond to climate change matters. The nature and scale of their responses will determine the impacts of both the climate emergency itself and the disruption felt by the economy as a result of new policies, commitments and consumer preferences. All changes disrupt the status quo, presenting both risks and opportunities. 


Orbitas is a center of excellence that examines climate transition risks for capital providers financing tropical commodities. Through a combination of cutting-edge economic modelling and traditional financial analysis Orbitas will help tropical commodity capital providers understand how climate transitions will affect the future of tropical commodities and how to adjust their financing strategies to this new reality.

Brazil’s cattle and soy sectors are set to transform as climate transitions spur new action to reduce emissions. New analysis of the potential impacts of climate action on these critical sectors reveal material financial risks alongside opportunities to invest in a more sustainable and efficient future for cattle and soy production. Read the reports here.


“We are at the beginning of a momentous shift in how tropical commodities are produced, traded and sold. Investors who fail to adapt to this shift risk being left behind. Orbitas’ analysis shows investors where the risks are, and how to reduce them.”

Mark Kenber, Orbitas Senior Fellow 

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