Strategic Communications

We design communications strategies that shape opinion, drive action and mobilize support.

Our team offers the services of a public relations agency, backed by a knowledge center in climate action, nature-based solutions, green finance, international carbon markets and climate diplomacy. The communications services we offer our clients benefit from the broader organization’s subject matter expertise, highly regarded reputation in the space and extensive network of connections. We provide the service of a large agency, but with the personal support that only a smaller organization can truly deliver. Drawn from a diverse range of policy, media, and agency backgrounds, our network’s expertise ranges across strategic communications, media relations, incisive writing, digital strategy, website development, and graphic design.

Our team offers the services of a public relations agency, backed by a knowledge center in climate action, nature-based solutions, green finance, international carbon markets and climate diplomacy.

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Case studies

Explore some examples of our work in action below.

Climate Advisers provides strategic communications support to Nature4Climate in an effort to enhance the role of natural climate solutions in the fight against climate change. In addition to supporting N4C’s hugely popular Weekly Brief, our work focuses on efforts to build trust in the ability of these solutions to not only reach scale, but also ensure integrity and deliver benefits for climate, people and biodiversity. This involves convening, coordinating and aligning across N4C’s network, developing shared messaging based on rigorous research, identifying case studies, leading media strategy and crafting impactful thought leadership. 

Climate Advisers provides strategic communications and media relations support to the US non-profit Emergent. Climate Advisers helped with the public relations for the launch and growth of the LEAF Coalition, generating a wide range of high profile coverage, as well as supporting the development of relevant thought leadership for the program. In 2021, this included features in The New York Times, The Washington Post and Newsweek

Strategic Communications: At Climate Advisers, our strategic communications services start with defining where our clients wish to go. Then, our team helps clients develop a plan to achieve their goals by identifying key audiences and developing strategies to reach them. Our team specializes in embedding within organizations with limited internal communications resources to help develop and implement communications plans.

Writing: Clear writing that cuts through the jargon is the bedrock of everything we do. Our expertise is turning technical subject matter into compelling content. We do it all: speeches, op-eds, news releases, blogs, reports and more. Our writing has appeared in leading publications around the world, and in conjunction with our media relations efforts, we have placed more than 100 op-eds in the past three years.

Message Development: The best programs are grounded in audience-based research that informs the development of compelling messaging. Thereafter, consistent use of the right messages can raise awareness, change attitudes or motivate action. For example, Climate Advisers helped shape the overarching messaging of NCS being a third of the climate solution by 2030 that has gained widespread usage across the climate and environmental communities.

Media Relations: Media coverage is often an important component of your overall communications program; it can elevate an issue and build credibility. We know what makes a good news story and can help frame your content so it’s appealing to editors. We prioritize relationships and have long standing connections with climate, environmental and financial journalists in key geographies. We have helped place and shape stories in leading international, trade and local publications around the world, including the cover of TIME Magazine. Our Chain Reaction Research project has increased media mentions 135% in the past three years, and increased over 800% in target media markets.

Digital Strategy: When it comes to digital strategy, there is no one size fits all. We work with you to determine how best to leverage digital tactics that will best support your goals. We offer the full suite of services including content development, social media management including paid campaigns and listening, digital advertising and email marketing. Past work includes helping clients grow their email lists, social media following, and website visitors. We have worked with clients to improve their Google search rankings and have their posts appear first for key hashtags on social media. Our work focuses on getting your message as the top result for key audiences efficiently.

Creative Services: We provide graphic design and website development support as part of broader communication efforts to ensure brand and message alignment with visual products. Examples of our work include the moja global and Climate Principals websites.