US Green Economy


The rapid growth of the American economy will create new opportunities, but general understanding of how to estimate the breadth and impact of these opportunities is limited. This report provides an unprecedented level of depth into what factors are driving the growth of the green economy at the state and local level.


The U.S. Green Economy Report Series, developed in partnership between the British Embassy in Washington D.C., Climate Advisers, and The Center for Global Sustainability at the University of Maryland, analyzed policies, market factors and jobs data across 25 US states and nine technology sectors to identify the opportunities with the greatest investment and partnership potential through 2025 while also providing new qualitative insights and future job projections for four specific sectors.


The analysis projects the creation of up to 1.15 million new full-time jobs through 2025 in offshore wind, energy efficiency, energy storage and electric vehicles under high ambition scenarios. The report series also identified which of the 25 states analyzed have the most attractive green economy outlook through 2025 and how each state compares across the nine sectors. Results from the analysis show that even states without progressive climate policies have ample opportunities to grow their green economies.

“The green economy in the U.S. is set for ambitious growth over the next few years with existing targets and state policies today”

Niamh McCarthy, Climate Advisers

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