The Impact of the 2024 Election on State-Level Climate Action

How will U.S. state-level climate action be impacted by the 2024 federal election?  What are the opportunities to engage with states regardless of the outcomes to maintain climate ambitions?
U.S. states are demonstrating a willingness to become climate leaders, emboldened by unprecedented levels of federal support for climate projects through the Inflation Reduction Act. For international actors seeking to support climate ambition through the 2024 election and beyond, now is the time to strategize engagement with state level leaders across the political spectrum to ensure this trend continues. 

This report prepared on behalf of the Transatlantic Climate Bridge provides insights on the following topics to inform how international actors can support  the 2024 federal election cycle:

+ An outlook on the possible outcomes of 2024 races for control of the White House and Congress and their impacts on U.S. climate ambition

+ The impacts of these elections on state-level climate action

+ 5 strategies for international actors advance climate action with key states and economic sectors