Revitalizing US & Brazilian Cooperation On Climate

Brazil’s President Lula and U.S. President Biden have an unprecedented opportunity to reverse years of increasing deforestation and put nature at center stage for climate solutions.

This brief shares 26 ways Presidents Lula and Biden can leverage policy, law enforcement, technology, finance, and the private sector to stop deforestation and address climate change. Their efforts must achieve progress in the near-term while also establishing long-term protections as critical parts of their legacies. These solutions are broken down into four key areas of cooperation:

1. Brazil-U.S. Bilateral Cooperation

2. Collaboration on Global Agendas

3. Cooperation Beyond Federal Governments

4. Turbocharge Green Economy Investments In Brazil

Download this brief to better understand the diverse options these leaders should consider to protect forests, people and our climate. Climate Advisers wishes to express to Natalie Unterstell of Instituto Talanoa who prepared this policy brief.

Watch our recent webinar covering this brief and other recommendations for Presidents Lula and Biden.