The G7’S Role In Utilizing Trade Policies For Climate Goals

International trade accounts for 25% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, making it critical that trade policies are aligned with climate goals. 

Climate Advisers developed this report in its capacity as the secretariat to the Consortium for Climate-Aligned Trade (CCAT) to highlight how the G7 can play an important role advancing climate-aligned trade policies.

Stronger collaboration among G7 members can help pave the way for a broader political agreement that includes other nations and ultimately a faster shift to a sustainable economy globally based on free and fair trade.

This report shows why climate-aligned trade is important, provides an overview of recent industrial and trade policies impacting efforts to decarbonize trade, and shares recommendations from CCAT to the G7 on how the forum can advance climate-aligned trade policies globally.

The findings of this report are those of Climate Advisers and may not reflect the viewpoints of all organizations and individual experts involved in CCAT.