The Importance of Green Public Procurement in Decarbonizing Industry and Creating a Clean Energy Economy

G7 leaders have agreed to collaborate on industrial decarbonization, but more coordination is needed on green public procurement to meet their goals.

The power of public procurement policies to drive market transformation has untapped potential. In this Climate Advisers report, we cover the major opportunity G7 leaders have to use procurement to accelerate decarbonizing industrial sectors like steel, aluminum, and other goods. Download this report to learn:

– The history of G7 procurement policies and how they impact today’s environment;

– Different procurement strategies to promote increased production of climate-friendly goods and services;

– Why increased collaboration amongst the G7 and other nations on public procurement policies can accelerate the clean economy transition;

– How international trade rules may hinder procurement policies and how to overcome these risks.

The insights in this report are those of Climate Advisers and may not necessarily represent the perspectives of all those associated with CCAT.