Calling it the U.S.’s “ most significant climate bill ever,” Nigel Purvis, CEO of Climate Advisers, said that passage [of the Inflation

How to Feed the Planet

This year, Egypt is ground zero for two of the world’s biggest crises—food and climate. Egypt is the world’s largest importer of

“The food sector makes up about 37 percent of global emissions, and when you look at deforestation it really has kind of

In western Bahia, Agrícola Xingu owns several farms for the production of grains and cotton. Added together, the company’s cultivation areas between

“We need to have something that provides coherence and consistency across corporate claims around carbon credit use, in conjunction with their decarbonisation,”

Some corporations may not disclose 90-83 percent of their estimated emissions under proposed SEC rules creating the potential for greenwashing and risk

Only seven of the top ten suppliers of Indonesian palm oil for China had committed themselves to a no-deforestation, no-peat, no-exploitation (NDPE)

“Ensuring the quality of carbon removals will be central in building a credible carbon removals market,” said Mark Kenber, co-executive director of