A 2022 analysis by Chain Reaction Research considered the implications of the EUDR for palm oil actors and their financiers. The findings

A research institute in the United States, Chain Reaction Research, has concluded that there will be a reduction in deforestation for opening

Helping smallholders work towards fulfilling EUDR requirements will not be prohibitively costly for big palm oil companies. A study by non-profit Chain

“The UAE has tried hard to position itself as a country that is transitioning to a future economy that is not dependent

The two advocacy groups reported that, according to sustainability research group Chain Reaction Research, Harvard has funded the deforestation of 53,000 hectares

WASHINGTON, DC, 7 April 2023 — Today the Consortium for Climate-Aligned Trade (CCAT), an informal coalition of researchers from a dozen leading

Chain Reaction Research has estimated that JBS’ deforestation footprint in Brazil is up to 200,000 hectares in its direct supply chain and

The application of sustainable principles applies to all industries, including the palm oil industry. This is because the principles that ensure economic, social