Brazil’s continued dominance in the global soy sector and its ability to mitigate financial risks will depend on its ability to prepare

LONDON, SAO PAULO, WASHINGTON DC, April 11 2024 – New research from Orbitas, a Climate Advisers initiative, reveals that the Brazilian soy sector faces challenges in a transitioning world ...

LONDON, SAO PAULO, WASHINGTON, DC, April 3 2024 – The Brazilian cattle sector could see beef production drop by 25 percent by 2050, while experiencing a 37 percent decline in available pastureland through forest-conservation ...

“He really wanted to understand the substance to a level that was not typical for a senator,” agreed Nigel Purvis, a former

“On one hand, the disclosures erode trust in the COP president and that will make forging a deal harder,” said former U.S.

Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd speaks with Nigel Purvis, a former U.S. climate negotiator and current CEO of Climate Advisers, about why

The flurry of dealmaking also ostensibly shields the UAE from the consequences of failure, says Nigel Purvis, chief executive of the climate

By Niamh McCarthy and Kyle Saukas Environmental Finance The seeds of a new climate investment revolution are being planted in Brazil, say