Climate Advisers, a climate research and consulting firm, said in a report released Wednesday that Kerry’s offset program, called the Energy Transition

Leaders of the coalition say there will be safeguards, while potentially delivering emissions reductions that many climate scientists would find impressive. If

Leaders of China and India — both among the biggest emitters — appear to be skipping the climate talks, although underlings are

Analysts at Profondo and Chain Reaction Research, two independent research firms, have documented the use of shell companies by palm oil companies

A 2018 report by risk analysis group Chain Reaction Research shows this practice of hiding true corporate ownership is common among major

The global food system is reeling from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the reverberating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and devastating droughts across

Another 2021 report, by sustainability analysts Chain Reaction Research, said both companies purchased palm oil from an Indonesian firm that has an

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced the appointment Monday of Simon Stiell from the Caribbean island nation of Grenada as the new U.N. climate