Initiative launched to rank corporate climate claims using carbon offsets

“We need to have something that provides coherence and consistency across corporate claims around carbon credit use, in conjunction with their decarbonisation,” Mark Kenber, VCMI executive director told Reuters in an interview. Reuters A consultation for a global standard to assess companies’ claims about progress towards internal climate targets and their use of carbon offset […]

Sustainable palm oil: Market leakage remains a challenge

Only seven of the top ten suppliers of Indonesian palm oil for China had committed themselves to a no-deforestation, no-peat, no-exploitation (NDPE) policy as of January 2021, according to a report from sustainability think tank Chain Reaction Research.The report found that refiners without an NDPE policy or those not having implemented such principles accounted for […]

CO2 removal buyers unite

“Ensuring the quality of carbon removals will be central in building a credible carbon removals market,” said Mark Kenber, co-executive director of the Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative, in a statement. “What this facility is doing is instrumental to the creation of such a robust removals market … Regardless of the type of investment or […]

War in Ukraine raises demand for palm oil and could increase deforestation in Indonesia

An investigation by Chain Reaction Research , which analyzes the effects of raw material exploitation on deforestation, “estimated that, as of April 2020, these NDPE commitments covered 83% of palm oil refining capacity in Indonesia and China. Malaysia”, the two biggest producers, underlined Rosenbarger. “In the last two years, specifically, we have also had to […]

Soaring Demand for Palm Oil Puts Rainforests at Risk Again

Pressure increased on palm oil producers in 2013, when fires set to clear rainforests blanketed Southeast Asia in a thick haze. Big palm-oil traders said they would stop buying from suppliers who wrecked the rainforest, amid broader concern about deforestation’s contributions to climate change. By 2020, 83% of Indonesian and Malaysian palm oil refining capacity […]

Indonesia, not the EU, needs to make its palm oil sustainable

Only seven of the top ten suppliers of Indonesian palm oil to China have NDPE policies, as of January 2021, according to a report by sustainability analysts Chain Reaction Research. The report found refiners without an NDPE policy, or those lagging in their implementation of such policies, accounted for at least 12% of Indonesian palm […]

Report links illegal deforestation and land grabbing to Bunge’s soy industry in Piauí

The municipality of Santa Filomena had a harvest of almost 175 thousand tons of soybeans in 2018, a production that would have been entirely acquired by the Dutch multinational, according to the agribusiness monitoring platform TRASE . The Chain Reaction Research initiative, another group that tracks the global trade in agricultural commodities, estimates that up […]

Stoking the offset debate

“One of the big challenges in carbon markets is lack of transparency, including where credits come from and whether they are a substitute for corporate climate action,” said Mark Kenber, co-executive director for external affairs at the Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative, a U.N.-backed group. Politico Most corporate pledges to zero out greenhouse gas emissions […]

Deforestation for palm oil falls in Southeast Asia, but is it a trend or a blip?

Deforestation for oil palm cultivation in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea dropped in 2021 to its lowest level since 2017, according to a new analysis by Chain Reaction Research (CRR). Mongabay Deforestation associated with palm oil in the region covering Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea has declined for the second straight year, a […]

In West and Central Africa, palm oil investors buckle under community pressure

A new report by the financial risk analyst Chain Reaction Research says most of the deals have since failed, with 27 representing 1.37 million hectares (3.39 million acres) of land having been outright abandoned. Mongabay When commodity prices spiked in the late 2000s, multinational agribusiness giants smelled profits. Eager to branch out of crowded Southeast […]