John Kerry’s climate legacy: ‘Not a job, but a conviction’

“He really wanted to understand the substance to a level that was not typical for a senator,” agreed Nigel Purvis, a former US climate negotiator and CEO of Climate Advisers, who remembers Kerry at the 1998 climate talks in Buenos Aires. “He got it,” he said. China Dialogue John Kerry’s political career has spanned geographies […]

COP28 and controversy: What to know about this year’s summit

Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd speaks with Nigel Purvis, a former U.S. climate negotiator and current CEO of Climate Advisers, about why he thinks this year’s COP climate change summit could be the most contentious yet. NPR Listen to the full segment here

The cheque book COP: UAE’s $200bn bid for climate influence

The flurry of dealmaking also ostensibly shields the UAE from the consequences of failure, says Nigel Purvis, chief executive of the climate consultancy Climate Advisers and a former US State Department official. Financial Times Just days before negotiators from more than 60 countries descended on Abu Dhabi last month for the final round of climate […]

Brazil: Investors must seize NBS and climate-smart tech opportunities now

By Niamh McCarthy and Kyle Saukas Environmental Finance The seeds of a new climate investment revolution are being planted in Brazil, say Niamh McCarthy and Kyle Saukas of Climate Advisors Brazil’s historic accomplishment in reducing Amazon rainforest deforestation rates to their lowest levels since 2018 within the first year of President Luiz Inácio “Lula” da […]

Why COP28 Could Be the Most Contentious in Years

By Nigel Purvis, the CEO of Climate Advisers. Foreign Policy Expect a diplomatic sandstorm when world leaders and their ministers meet in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in late November and early December for the next global climate summit. The gathering—known as the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28)—could prove the most contentious round of […]

New SEC rule would not require farmers to report emissions

By Niamh McCarthy, Opinion Contributor to The Hill  As the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) gears up to release its climate emissions disclosure rule, the clamor from its detractors is steadily rising. Despite the impending official publication, the fight against the rule is far from over. The continued protests against the regulation contradict the […]

Meatpacking giant and Amazon deforester JBS bid for NYSE listing challenged

At least 200,000 hectares (495,000 acres) of deforestation is estimated to have occurred within JBS’s direct supply chain since 2008, according to a 2020 study by Chain Reaction Research. An additional 1.5 million hectares (3.7 million acres) of forest has been felled in the company’s indirect supply chain. Mongabay A bid by global beef-processing giant […]

EU Deforestation Impact and Costs to Global Supply Chains

The EU’s deforestation regulations serve as a causal backdrop to supply chains that have formerly kept their “eyes wide shut” on such matters. Key findings in a recent Chain Reaction research report provided evidence of human-driven deforestation activities combing Brazil’s Cerrado biome, a lush tropical savannah rich in biodiversity. Behind Cerrado’s landscape decay are cattle […]

What drives and halts tropical deforestation? Analyzing 24 years of data

This study “comes at a time when we need strengthened and more persuasive evidence-based arguments to help political and business leaders to make the difficult decisions, to deviate from business-as-usual, and act on their commitments to halt deforestation and restore forested ecosystems,” Peter Graham, Managing Director of Policy & Research at Climate Advisers, who was […]