Call on NGOs for pure soy to reach a small part of the market

Precise product flows are difficult to trace, but according to research by Chain Reaction Research, with which Aidenvironment also collaborates, the matter is probably a bit more nuanced.

Boeren Business

Which came first: FrieslandCampina’s collaboration with Agrifirm for deforestation-free soy or the action of a number of NGOs and the public media against deforestation-free soy, that is debatable. More interesting question is: does the current certification system for soy help?

To do this, it must first be clear who the largest buyers of soy are and what requirements they set for the product. According to the NGOs (Greenpeace, Milieudefensie, Aidenvironment and WWF), the Netherlands is the fourth largest importer of soy in the world. According to them, about 4.3 million tons of soy arrives at the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam every year. About 40% of this comes from Brazil. About a million tons are shipped to other European countries. Of the soy that remains in the Netherlands, 1.7 million tons is used in animal feed.

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