CO2 removal buyers unite

“Ensuring the quality of carbon removals will be central in building a credible carbon removals market,” said Mark Kenber, co-executive director of the Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative, in a statement. “What this facility is doing is instrumental to the creation of such a robust removals market … Regardless of the type of investment or timeline, there is still a need for clear benchmarks and verification when it comes to corporate climate action.”


The push to support adoption of emerging carbon dioxide removal (CDR) techniques got a big nudge forward this week with the launch of new purchasing pledges by big corporate buyers.

The explicit announcements include a $500 million commitment by Alphabet, Microsoft and Salesforce to support CO2 removal projects, along with the launch of a new program that aims to facilitate the purchase of more than 1 million metric tons of verified carbon dioxide removal offsets by 2025.

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