Report calls on palm oil firms to make up for nearly 1m hectares of forest loss

According to the Earthqualizer study, Sulaidy’s eight oil palm plantations are liable for the recovery of nearly 35,000 hectares (86,500 acres) of land. Sulaidy-associated companies have also topped the list of palm oil deforesters for the past three years running, compiled by risk analysis consultancy Chain Reaction Research (CRR), with 6,390 hectares (15,790 acres) of forests cleared in 2021 alone.


Commitments by palm oil producers in Southeast Asia not to deforest, clear peatlands, or use exploitative practices have helped the industry significantly reduce tropical forest loss. But many of these companies must still be held to account for their past deforestation, with a new report putting them on the hook for restoring an area of forest the size of Puerto Rico.

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