The banking business with companies complicit in the deforestation of the Amazon: 8,500 million since 2013

The money lent thanks to the SNCR is public, but private banks mediate in the granting of credits in exchange for a commission . And its distribution suffers from serious distortions. On the one hand, according to research by Disclose and Reporter Brasil, most of these credits go to soybean and beef farms . On the other hand, according to an investigation by Chain Reaction Research , the smallest farms only receive about 13% of the loans granted. The World Bank also revealed that a small number of large farms receive the lion’s share of funding., while 85% of Brazilian farmers do not have access to credit. In addition, private banks, which represent 36% of rural credit, grant their loans to farms with lower risk.

Info Libre

Spanish banks allocated a total of 8,762.26 million dollars –8,481.74 million euros– to finance companies related to deforestation in the Amazon between 2013 and September 2022.

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