There are a few key names missing from Big Tech’s climate ad

Climate Advisers, a B Corp advisory council for climate solutions, has a whole host of recommendations for how federal policy could enhance carbon dioxide removal efforts.


Readers of Tuesday’s New York Times were treated to a full-page ad advocating for policymakers to do something, anything really, about climate change. “We have the solutions to the climate crisis,” the stark ad copy began in bold block letters before noting the undersigned tech companies want Congress and the White House to “ACT NOW.”

Salesforce, eBay, Lyft and Etsy are among the big names in tech who signed onto the ad, as well as companies like Allbirds and Impossible. Missing, though, are some of the tech industry’s biggest names and companies that have talked loudly about the need to reduce carbon pollution: Google, Netflix, Microsoft and LinkedIn (which is owned by the former).

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