Alexandre Koberle

Senior Fellow, Climate Advisers and Orbitas

Dr Alexandre Köberle is a Senior Fellow at Climate Advisers and Orbitas, and is an Advanced Research Fellow at the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London. His research focuses on long-term scenarios of socio-environmental change, with special focus on nexus approaches to explore transitions to alternative sustainable development futures. His interdisciplinary work uses mathematical models to develop plausible scenarios useful for stakeholders to not only enable the transition but also to identify risks and opportunities for improved human welfare and environmental sustainability. He is particularly interested in transformative systems approaches exploring nexuses across sectors and disciplines such as nature-food-finance or climate-land-energy-water and emerging trade-offs and synergies with sustainable and inclusive development objectives.

At Grantham, Dr Köberle leads several projects on the nexus of nature, climate, food, land, energy, and finance. He is Principal Investigator of the recently awarded FiNaClim-SD project funded by NERC and Finance for Biodiversity exploring transition pathways to net-zero/nature-positive futures in the context of sustainable development. He is also Principal Investigator of the Brazil Study for the Food Systems Economics Commission (FSEC) examining sustainability transitions in Brazilian agriculture through modelled scenarios and trends analysis.