Karen Oseland

Climate Policy Associate, Climate Advisers

Karen Marie Oseland is a Climate Policy Associate at Climate Advisers where she works across programs with a particular focus on forests and other nature based solutions.

Karen’s prior professional experience includes working as a Climate and Energy Analyst at the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) in Kathmandu, Nepal where she focused primarily on hydropower policy and Arctic-Himalaya relations. Prior to ICIMOD, she worked on the Climate and Arctic Team at the Norwegian Embassy in Washington D.C. where her focus was environmental affairs and climate change.

Since 2018 Karen has contributed to The Arctic Institute as a Research Associate and Leadership Group member. She has served as the Team Lead of the Institute’s weekly news analysis publication, Take Five, and has since 2021 overseen the Institute’s partnership with the High North Center for Business and Governance at Nord University in Norway.

Karen graduated from New York University with a MS in Global Affairs, specializing in Energy and Environment Policy. She holds a BS in Geosciences, a BA in Political Science, and a BA in Global Studies from Pacific Lutheran University.

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