Matt Piotrowski

Senior Director of Policy and Research, Climate Advisers

Matt Piotrowski is the Senior Director of Policy and Research at Climate Advisers, focusing on communication outreach with the financial sector, managing the Chain Reaction Research initiative, and providing analysis for investors to mitigate climate risks.

Before joining Climate Advisers, Matt worked as Senior Editor of Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) news service, The Fuse, where he focused on oil and other financial markets, clean transportation, and state and federal energy policy. Before SAFE, Matt worked at Energy Intelligence, where he edited multiple publications and served as Washington bureau chief.

Matt’s experience includes extensive reporting, research, and analysis on international financial markets and domestic energy policy. His diverse background in energy, investor trading, and transportation has included projects focusing on reducing petroleum demand and increasing diversity in the transport sector for economic, national security, and environmental reasons.

Matt holds an MA in Writing from Johns Hopkins University and a BA in History from Salisbury University. Follow Matt on Twitter @mattpiotrowski.

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