Report links illegal deforestation and land grabbing to Bunge’s soy industry in Piauí

The municipality of Santa Filomena had a harvest of almost 175 thousand tons of soybeans in 2018, a production that would have been entirely acquired by the Dutch multinational, according to the agribusiness monitoring platform TRASE . The Chain Reaction Research initiative, another group that tracks the global trade in agricultural commodities, estimates that up to 80% of the soy grown throughout Piauí ends up in Bunge’s silos in the state.

Agência Pública

In October 2021, satellites captured an increasingly common scene in the Cerrado of the extreme south of Piauí : two tractors maneuvering, for days, an immense steel chain to cut down two thousand hectares of native forests. Without the approval of environmental agencies, deforestation with “current” took place in Santa Filomena (PI), on the border with Maranhão, on a farm linked to “an immense land grabbing, perhaps the largest in the state of Piauí ”. The above definition is from the state justice, through the Vara Agrária de Bom Jesus (PI) which, in 2016, blocked the registration of the area, prohibiting its owners from conducting any activities on the site.

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