What drives and halts tropical deforestation? Analyzing 24 years of data

This study “comes at a time when we need strengthened and more persuasive evidence-based arguments to help political and business leaders to make the difficult decisions, to deviate from business-as-usual, and act on their commitments to halt deforestation and restore forested ecosystems,” Peter Graham, Managing Director of Policy & Research at Climate Advisers, who was not involved in this study, told Mongabay. “I expect that I will be using the findings of this study to support … accelerating and scaling up nature-based solutions to the climate and biodiversity challenges.”


With the climate crisis in full swing, world leaders have made pledges to halt and reverse forest loss by 2030. In a new meta-analysis, researchers synthesized the findings of 320 studies about what is associated with more or less deforestation in the tropics.

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