Building Back Better: Potential Policies for COVID Recovery & Climate Action

Climate Advisers and Third Way co-hosted a webinar on climate policies that can aid in America’s economic recovery from Covid-19 on December 10th.

America faces multiple generation-defining crises—a pandemic, an economic downturn, a changing climate—that it must tackle simultaneously. A responsible recovery from the COVID-19 recession should include climate action to strengthen both our economy and our resilience to future shocks. Facing the potential of a split Senate, what are the Biden Administration’s options for taking climate action that places the United States on a path to net-zero emissions by mid-century and reinvigorates a sluggish economy? Watch the recording below to see what climate action for economic recovery is possible.


  • Moderator: Amy Harder, Energy and Climate Change Reporter at Axios
  • Josh Freed – Senior Vice President for the Climate and Clean Energy Program, Third Way
  • Nigel Purvis – President and CEO, Climate Advisers
  • Kate Gordon – Director, Governor of California’s Office of Planning and Research

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